Thursday, April 7, 2022

How to advertise on Instagram Stories Ads?

 advertise on Instagram Stories Ads

Ads on social media are increasingly present in the daily lives of companies of all sizes. And, within this scenario, advertising on Instagram Stories Ads is one of the most sought after features today. So, if your company still doesn't use this platform, it's time to make up for lost time and start expanding your business through it.

Instagram is an excellent way to create marketing strategies, it is possible to retain the attention of users more than on Facebook itself. Therefore, posting on this social network, which is reaching the 1 billion users mark, is a guarantee of many views.

In addition to being able to segment who will be reached, it is also possible to generate more engagement with users, as it is a creative and less usual way of finding ads.

Why advertise on Instagram Stories Ads?

To understand right away the benefits of advertising in this way, know that 33% of the stories viewed by any Instagram user refer to business content . Thus, this feature allows you to reach new consumers, far beyond the followers who already follow your page.

But rest assured, even with such great reach, the ads are not intrusive at all. In other words, sponsored stories do not interfere with the user experience, as they are well segmented and always appear naturally – among the images and videos posted by your friends.

So, although you can choose to present the product or advertise for free on the Stories platform, you will only be reaching your followers. So, if your purpose is to increase your website visibility and traffic with new visitors, investing in Instagram sponsored links tends to work.

Keeping those who already follow your brand is essential for the growth of your business. But, as the objective here is to acquire new customers, we will show you step-by-step how to advertise on Instagram Stories Ads.

How to advertise on Instagram Stories in a sponsored way?

Did you know that to run your campaign on Instagram Stories Ads, you don't need to have an account on the social network? But, even being a possibility, this scenario is far from ideal. That's because, when you have a page, in addition to generating more consumer trust, you also have the possibility to work with them later in an organic way.

Knowing this recommendation, let's go through the steps:

Create a business profile

The first thing to do if you want to generate more results with your ads is to create a business profile on the social network. If you don't have an Instagram account yet, you can already create it with this nomenclature. However, if you already have a personal profile, don't worry, just request the change.

If your account is already commercial, just skip this topic.

To change your profile, you need to enter the page itself (you can use your cell phone) and click on “settings”. In it, as we see in the image below, just look for the option “Switch to business profile”.

Finally, to make the change effective, you still need to connect your Instagram to your Facebook page.

Now you already have a business profile, but what are its advantages over the common one?

Instagram for businesses allows access to new metrics, including: control of views, reach and actions taken on your posts. This way, you can track the performance and engagement generated by each post. And the most important thing is that this data is offered for both Feed and Stories publications.

Start creating the ad

set the goal

To create your ad in Instagram Stories Ads, you must select, within the Facebook Business Manager , the objective of the campaign.

In total, you will find ten selectable objectives on the advertiser platform. However, to run campaigns on Instagram stories, you can only choose three, they are:

– Reach : Self-explanatory, this objective aims to focus your entire budget so that it reaches as many users as possible.

– Conversions : Unlike the first one, here the advertiser will analyze the conversion cost. In these cases, regardless of how the money will be invested, the focus will always be on the qualified user.

– Video views : As Instagram is a social network that works only with audiovisual resources, some videos need to be seen so that they become relevant to the user and advertisers.

To finish this first step, if you have more than one marketing objective, create multiple campaigns at the same time. Therefore, everything will depend on how you want to reach your audience and, of course, what your budget is limited to.

Choose a name for the campaign

After selecting the marketing objective, you will be asked to choose a name for the campaign. This phase will not imply any change in the placement of your ad, but organizing your sponsored links well will help to measure the return of each one.

determine the traffic

From now on you will start to change the settings related directly to the user, and the first one is to define where you want to take the consumer.

Segment the audience

As we said earlier, in order for your ad to be non-invasive, it is very important to select people who tend to be more interested in your business. And, after carrying out all the steps so far, it's time to segment who will be reached.

In this step you will define the age, gender, location and personal interests of the audience you intend to reach. Therefore, it is important to know your persona in order to target the ad correctly and achieve the expected results.

edit the placement

Even defining how your ad will be, the manager still does not know that it will be served via Instagram Stories Ads. Therefore, the step now defines which social network will be used.

If the objective is just the stories, select within “Instagram”, check the “stories” option. Otherwise, select the way you prefer.

Still in this tab, in advanced options you can define instructions, how to disclose on mobile or desktop platforms and even if the user will be able to view it if he is connected via mobile data.

set the budget

Following the process, the next step is to select the budget you intend to spend on the ad.

Here, regardless of your budget, the best thing to do is to increase spending little by little. So it is possible to optimize campaigns without having to spend a lot for it.

In addition, according to the investment, you must also select the duration time. That is, you can choose to run during a certain period or focus your efforts so that they spend whenever they have the opportunity to appear.

select profile

In this step, just put which Instagram page that will promote the ad. And, if your profile is not already registered in the ad manager, just click on “Add an account”.

But, if you want to advertise without having an Instagram account, just link a Facebook account and the advertisement will also run.

choose format

Finally, choose the ad format . 4 models are offered: carousel, multimedia presentation, single photo or single video.

In Instagram Stories Ads, the only possible ones are unique videos and photos. Finally, upload it and remember to put high quality images in a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Once that's done, just complete the process, and within a few minutes your ad will be working.

From now on you will be able to follow the progress of your ad. Through Facebook, you can see how your expenses are, the reach of your publication, link clicks, website visits, and so on.