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Cell phone addiction: 08 tips for it not to happen

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A few years ago, cell phones were a luxury for the few. Besides, it was only for one thing: making calls. Today, our smartphones are our TVs, our news sources, our cameras. If you don't mind, we use the cell phone for almost everything (even to make calls, right?).

Knowing how not to get addicted to the cell phone is a doubt for many. After all, you may even be reading this text on your phone!

That's why we've brought here some simple tips for those who want to stop their cell phone addiction . To find out more, keep reading!

1. Disable notifications

Anyone who is addicted to cell phones knows that the heart even races when the phone beeps. However, it can often be a notification that is not important, like an advertisement for that game you downloaded 4 months ago and only played once.

So, go to your smartphone's settings screen and disable notifications. If you do this, you will notice that a lot of things fail to show up to take your time.

On iOS:

  • Go to SETTINGS;
  • Access the desired application;
  • Turn off the ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS switch.

On Android:

  • Go to SETTINGS;
  • For each matching app, turn off the switch.

If you can turn off all notifications, that's great! That way, you will only view emails, messages and social networks when you actually have time to do so.

2. Delete shopping apps

In addition to cell phone addiction, those who love shopping know that the internet has made our lives easier, allowing us to get something new in just a few minutes with the power of a few taps on the screen.

The thing is, we also spend a lot of time walking through the virtual storefronts of apps, filling the shopping cart and then taking just one piece. In this game, we can miss a lot of important things in the real world, don't you think?

So delete the shopping apps . Leave to download them only when you are sure you need to buy something.

3. Keep only essential apps

You know that meditation app you used once and never opened again? What about that diet log app where you couldn't log an entire week? What about that program that reminds you to drink water every 20 minutes but is solemnly ignored?

The rule here is very simple: don't use it? Delete! Not only will you gain space on your cell phone to store photos and videos of those special moments, but you'll also avoid that visual pollution that stays on your device.

4. Organize mobile apps

Imagine the following scenario: you need to pay a boleto that is about to expire using your bank's app. The problem is that you spend about 2 minutes looking for the app on your smartphone. In this search, you decide to open Instagram quickly because someone called you in Direct . The conversation is great. So much so that you even forget your ticket. The following month, you have to pay a late fee.

So, so you don't get lost on your own device, think of a way to keep your apps organized . Separate them into folders, put them in alphabetical order, place apps from similar categories close together on the screen. Arrange them however you like.

5. Limit your time on social media

We are not going to be extreme in this topic and tell you to delete your profiles. Even because, if you followed our first tip correctly, you must already be accessing social networks less. However, if you study or work, you can't let cell phone addiction dominate you at these times. After all, this can cause a lot of problems, right?

Think about the times when you can actually access social networks like Facebook , Instagram and TikTok. Some apps already provide you with a graph showing how much time you used that social network in the week, as is the case with Instagram. That way, you can assess whether too much time has passed or whether you've accomplished the goal!

6. Be careful with WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an app that deserves a lot of attention. After all, many people handle personal and work/study messages on the same number. So it's normal to get a desperate text from your boss asking about that urgent report and a 15-minute video of your aunt saying good morning at the same time.

If it's really not possible to have a unique number for work, it's essential to separate things. During office hours, did you receive anything that is not work related? Do not open. The opposite is also true! After all, personal and professional life shouldn't mix, okay?

7. Set aside limited time for games

It's a delight to spend hours having fun with that online game . But everything has its time! Set aside moments to play on mobile. Give preference to games that have a limited number of lives , so you don't spend too many hours in front of the screen.

Also, delete the games that are forgotten on your device, so you don't fall into the temptation to play them again (and find that you have to spend a couple of hours playing to recover your hard-earned precious items).

8. Turn off your cell phone at times

This tip is essential for those who spend a lot of time in front of screens. When doing an important activity that requires concentration, such as studying, performing a difficult manual task, among others, turn off your cell phone.

In addition to turning it off, try to keep it out of your sight, so you don't run the risk of trying to take a peek at the latest news on social networks, for example. For those who have a cell phone addiction, this attitude works like a detox.

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